Event Schedule – Miss Fabb Nagpur 2018


Congratulation on being selected as a finalist of the show.

You need to pay fees of Rs 7500 for Nagpur 2018 show. (Please read the entire page before paying the fees)

You can pay via Cash on the same day of audition or if you wish to pay online you can pay it on the following link within one day of auditions.

Fees Payment Links


The training schedule is as follows (The training is in a private area)

FOR MISS CATEGORY the schedule is as follows (Dress codes mentioned further down) [Training & Photoshoots will be done in private area]

30th November 2018 – 2 pm to 7 pm (Reporting at venue 1.45 pm)
1st December 2018 – 12 pm to 6 pm (Reporting at venue 11.45 am)
2nd December 2018 – 12 pm to 6 pm (Reporting at venue 11.45 am)
7th December 2018 – 12 pm to 6 pm (Reporting at venue 11.45 am)
8th December 2018 – 12 pm to 6 pm (Reporting at venue 11.45 am)

You may be called between 2nd & 7th December for trials.
In case of exams on the above dates or timing, please speak to our helpline number.

Training Venue: 1st Floor (Office Area), Glocal Square, Sitabuldi, Nagpur (Training will be done in a private area)

The training can be extended by few hours if required, there will be photoshoots done at the pre-event so dress well  🙂      (dress codes mentioned further down)

  • The finale event is on 9th Dec. 2018 at Glocal Square.
  • Show timing for audience is 5 pm onwards on 9th Dec. 2018
  • Models have to report backstage by 12 pm on 9th Dec. 2018

There would be three rounds in the main show on 9th Dec. 2018. After every round, few girls/boys will be shortlisted (exact number of shortlisted girls will be revealed only on the event date)

Walk, Introduction and Q&A round.

  • All round Clothing, Hair & Makeup for the main show will be provided by us.
  • Getting heels for Miss & Mrs is mandatory on all training dates and the main show.

There is changing facility at the training venue so you can come and change at the venue. At the pre-events no friends, relatives or anyone else other than participant will be allowed inside the venue. Anyone accompanying the participant will have to wait outside the venue. No food is provided at the pre-event venue. However you can carry light snacks with you.  You will have to carry any government ID card for verification at the first meet. You are expected to maintain basic hygiene on all days. Groom yourself and be well kept for the event.



Dress Codes for Training will be as follows (any one combination)

FOR MISS / MRS CATEGORY (Any color – no color restrictions):

1. Shorts (Fitted) & Crop Top  or Bralette
2. Hot Pants (Shorts) & Crop Top (Fitted) or Bralette
3. Mini Skirt & Crop Top (Fitted) or Bralette
4. Bodycon Dress (Short / Mini)
5. Jumpsuit (Short)

By registering and paying fees you agree with all the terms & conditions associated with the event. The fees paid are non-refundable.

Fees Payment Links (Only pay if you are selected as a finalist)


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