Miss Fabb, Mrs. Fabb, and Mr. Fabb provide a platform for patrons to empower their goals and create opportunities for success. To encourage patrons from various diversities, the pageant has the most flexible and inclusive entry and selection process.

Miss Mr Mrs Fabb


Here is your guide to entering the pageant and steps beyond that. With our cumulative years of experience, we have tried to include the most asked and relevant questions. Please feel free to contact us incase you may have any further questions.

Miss Fabb / Mr Fabb / Mrs Fabb Registration FAQ's

The registration process is a seamless and user-friendly process. Visit https://www.missfabbindia.com/registration/ and fill in the required information. Once your profile is selected you will be notified by SMS and/or any other similar form of communication.

The Miss Fabb Organization aspires to conduct auditions and finale shows in every city of India and encourage participation from every corner of the country. Despite this, if your city is not listed, we encourage you to apply from an alternative city which is nearest to you and listed in the registration form. 

  1. Please refresh the page on your browser and re-try.
  2. Ensure that the image size is less than 10Mb

Even after troubleshooting, you are unable to upload your pictures, you can send the pictures via Whatsapp with your details which include your complete name, age, city/state and e-mail address.

In case if you do not have an instagram account, please enter – NA in the field where instagram username is requested.

In case an incorrect mobile number is entered during registration, we request you to re-submit your entry with a fresh form on https://www.missfabbindia.com/register/

Once the online registration is completed successfully, patrons who are shortlisted for the city/state auditions will be intimated via SMS and/or similar form of communication. The subsequent messages will include all the necessary details and instructions. 

If you are legally separated currently and will be during the contest, please select the Miss Fabb category.

Miss Fabb / Mr Fabb / Mrs Fabb Auditions FAQ's

  • Application for Miss Fabb/Mrs. Fabb/Mr. Fabb is a seamless online procedure. Potential contestants can visit missfabbindia.com/registation or click here to apply for the auditions or know more about the pageant.

Once your profile is selected for the audition, you will get a notification via SMS and/or Whatsapp informing you of your selection for the audition. Post payment of your audition fees, your Slot Number, Slot Time and Unique Contestant Number will be shared with you with other obligatory requirements in terms of dress code etc. If you are selected at the city/state level audition, you will be notified within a couple of hours

Freshers are welcome at Miss/Mrs./Mr. Fabb. Once you are shortlisted for the city/state finale, you will undergo training that will refine your skills and prepare you for a professional career in the industry. It may be noted that around 60% of our contestants year on year have been freshers and are now doing phenomenal work.

The audition fees INR 999. You will receive timely notifications and reminders about payment of the audition fees.

The audition fees INR 999. You will receive timely notifications and reminders about payment of the audition fees.

Over the years Miss Fabb has carved a niche for itself, by being India’s most prestigious pageant. With this maxim comes a plethora of opportunities. By being one of the titleholders at the city/state level contest, not only do you get media mentions and features by leading regional and national newspapers and/or magazines, but also abundant work opportunities with our brand partners.

By winning the city/state level contest you move on to compete for the National title, where bigger opportunities await. Our previous winners doing exceptional work in the beauty, glamour, and entertainment arena is a testament to the fact that the title comes with a galore of opportunities.

Dress Code (Miss/Mrs Category) – Choose any one of the following:

1. Shorts (Fitted) & Crop Top or Bralette or Singlet
2. Hot Pants & Crop Top (Fitted) or Bralette or SInglet
3. Mini Skirt & Top (Fitted) or Crop Top (Fitted) or Bralette
4. Bodycon Dress (Short / Mini)
5. Jeans & Top/Singlet/Tank Tops (sleeveless only) (Fitted) (Only For Mrs)
6. Dress (Mini or Knee Length) (Only For Mrs)

– All bottoms to be either denim or black/white in color
– All tops to be either black or white in color, should be sleeveless and body fitted.
– Any dress should be black in color



Dress Code – Choose any one of the following:

1. Blue Denim (Any Shade of Blue or Black) & Black Tshirt / White Tshirt
2. Blue Denim (Any shade of Blue or Black) & Black Shirt / White Shirt
3. Formal Pant & Shirt (White or Black only) with or without Blazer

In order to maintain appropriate decorum, Miss Fabb/Mrs. Fabb does not have a bikini round anywhere during the tenure of the competition be it at the city level/state level.

The Miss/Mrs./Mr. Fabb winners should be able to articulate their ambitions as a titleholder. The audition rounds are aligned to meet this requirement. There would be 2 rounds – Walk round and Introduction round and will be evaluated by industry experts.

  • For Miss Category

            Age: 16 to 30

            Height requirement: 5 feet/152cm tall and above

  • For Mrs. Category

            Age: 18 to 55

            Height requirement: 5 feet/152cm tall and above

  • For Mr. Category

            Age: 16 to 30

            Height requirement: 5 feet 3 inches/162cm tall and above


You will be notified of your selection within a couple of hours of completing both your audition rounds. You will be notified of your selection via SMS and/or Whatsapp which will include further information.

You may notify us by dropping a message on the helpline number or you may contact one of the crew members once you reach the audition venue and if time permits they will accommodate you in one of the forthcoming time slots.

Miss Fabb, Mrs Fabb, Mr Fabb Pre-Events & Finale FAQs

The city/state finale comprises of three rounds:

  1. Introduction
  2. Walk
  3. QnA

There would be eliminations after each round and the aggregate points will be considered while determining the winner.

There will be photoshoots done during the pre-events by a team of professional photographers. Post the city/state finale event the team will share soft copies of the high-resolution captures. These photoshoot pictures can be an integral part of your model portfolio.

As the pre-events are an amalgamation of various practice sessions, press conferences, dance sessions, etc. you will be notified of the exact dress code a day prior.

There will be NO Hair & Make-up provided during training, grooming, or photoshoots. However, for the city/state level finale show we will be rendering professional Hair & Make-up artists to make you look stunning.

The Miss Fabb organization’s maxim is to create role models and not just models for the ramp. Hence the training schedule and module are aligned to meet these criteria. Since a lot of industry freshers are a part of the pageant, not just the nitty-gritty such as posture, poise and walk are coached but also overall confidence is instilled in the participants so that they are uplifted and empowered for future success.

Yes, the clothing for the city/state finale show will be provided. The trials and fittings of the same will be done during the course of the pre-events.

Over the years the pageant has been an epitome of refinement and finesse. To adjudge the winners – beauty, personality, and poise of the contestant are key factors that determine the final winners. The winners should be able to articulate their ambitions and demonstrate grace even under pressure. The winners should be able to carry forward the fine lineage and body of work of the pageant. The judges would be looking at an overall and incredible personality that meets all the above criteria.