National Registration – Step 2

Congratulations, your registration is eligible for the next step of our national level entry.

This is the second step for national level of Miss Fabb India / Mrs Fabb India / Mr Fabb India. Please fill the following form to let us know better about you.

This is the last step, you would get information within 2 to 7 days of filling the form about your selection. After this if your profile is shortlisted you will get a message and email from our end if you are selected, with all further details

Miss / Mrs / Mr Fabb official helpline numbers are +917021334080 / +919503257881 – You would get calls and details only from these official numbers.

If you are selected you need to pay Rs 25000 as fees which includes your 4 nights stay in Mumbai with all meals viz breakfast, lunch, dinner, grooming & training charges, photoshoots, hair & makeup for the finale, clothing for all rounds of the finale and many more add-on’s

By filling the form, you agree to the terms & conditions of the pageant.